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Auspicious day: is January 24, 2021 a good day for housewarming

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buying a house and a car is a particularly important event for everyone. Many people work hard in the hope of improving their quality of life. Take the house for example, it plays a vital role, so people will pay attention to the arrival date of the new house. Generally, you will choose a lucky day when you check in, which can bring good luck to the family.

入宅1 (3)

entered the house on January 24, 2021. The Yellow calendar should avoid [Gregorian calendar] January 24, 2021 [Zodiac] rat Chong (tiger) [constellation] Capricorn [lunar calendar] December 12, 2020 [Yi] Break the ground, open the drill, fix the grave, bury the fasting Festival, pray for blessings and sacrifice, beg for heirs, enter the house for wealth, accept mining, go to office, marry, build the land, migrate, accept wealth, erect the vertical column, plant and file a bill, build the meridians and collaterals, catch the fishing [avoid] set up a bed, cut down trees, accept livestock, lift the medical boat [stars] virtual sun, rat Poetry Day: virtual stars create the main disaster, and men and women sleep alone., There is no etiquette in the wind of civil strife, and children, grandchildren and daughter-in-law are in bed., Open the door to release water, suffer disasters, tigers bite snakes and die., Three, three, five or five consecutive diseases, broken families and dead people. [God of fortune] northwest [God of wealth] due south [God of Yin] southeast [God of Yang] due east [Peng zubaiji] it's more difficult to be wary of people who don't draw water. Is it a good day to enter the house and move in secretly when they don't get a bed? In the Yellow calendar, it's suitable to enter the house today. The auspicious day of entering the house with five blessings at the door talks about the birth of eight characters, and the auspicious day of entering the house below You can pick the ecliptic days of good fortune and good fortune.


what is the stress of moving into the house? 1. Good things are good, and entering the house is a good and festive thing. Red festive objects such as colorful heads, firecrackers and door couplets can be arranged around the gate to grab good luck. 2. There is an old Chinese saying, respect the old and love the young. When entering the house, it can also fall into stereotypes. When entering the house, the head of the house and the mother of the house should walk in front with the God of home incense. 3. Filial piety comes first. When entering the house, when the ancestral tablet wants to be removed, it must choose the day when there is a fire, and it is safer to move out of the old house before sunrise or after dark. Otherwise, it is necessary to block the sun with a black umbrella, because the ancestral spirit is Yin. If it is in the sun, it will not move into the new house!

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