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Auspicious day in the Yellow calendar: how about January 26, 2021? Is it suitable for entering the house

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with the improvement of people's living standards, many people are considering buying a house. Needless to say, a house is our necessity. After buying a new house, we need to move in. This is a key step. We must choose a auspicious day, which will be of great help to the family and let us have a good luck.


entered the house on January 26, 2021 old yellow calendar [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-26 [Zodiac] rat Chong (Dragon) [constellation] Capricorn [lunar calendar] December 14, 2020 [Yi] Nacai marries, prays for blessings, builds houses, fasts, sacrifices, asks for heirs, removes the land, migrates, takes money to work, plants livestock on the upper beam of the vertical column, catches the school [eight characters] Geng Zi's own ugliness, Jiaxu Jiazi [Na Yin] Earth thunderbolt volcano head fire on the wall [eight characters and five elements] gold water earth civil engineering water [stars] room fire pig poem day: room star builds cattle into the field, Children and grandchildren are near princes. Wealth and glory come from heaven, and life is like eight thousand years of Peng Zu. Open the door and release water to attract wealth and wealth, and marry and have expensive children. If the burial can be carried out on this day, the gate will be prosperous and blessed forever. [God of happiness] northeast [God of blessing] southeast [God of wealth] how is the day in Northeast China suitable for entering the house? Judging from today's old yellow calendar, it is a good day for entering the house. If you need to accurately choose auspicious days and prosper, you can choose auspicious days for entering the house below.


what should be paid attention to when entering the house 1. The traditional ceremony of entering the house in China can not be free from vulgarity. After arriving at the new house, the parents first open the door and put the stove in the center of the living room. The red flame in the stove symbolizes the prosperity of the family. At this time, they should loudly recite auspicious sentences, such as "entering the new house, the family is rich", and everyone should respond. 2. After entering the house, there are also some small things that apply to housewives. The housewife picked up the newly bought broom and swept the room again, symbolizing that treasure swept into the house and evil spirit swept out of the house. 3. According to China's traditional folk customs, firecrackers should be set off before entering the house, which means expelling evil spirits and embracing good luck. People in Southern Fujian also believe that only when you have a good bed can you move. Therefore, you must install a bed on the day you enter the house, and other furniture can be moved early or late.

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