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Lucky day: how about moving to your new house on February 1, 2021

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a person's luck is closely related to his development. We all know that luck changes from time to time. Even on the same day, it will be different. Therefore, we often say that the quality of the day has a great impact on people. For entering the house, we must choose a auspicious day, which means good development in the future.

入宅2 (3)

February 1, 2021 housewarming date query [Gregorian calendar] February 1, 2021 [Zodiac] rat Chong (dog) [constellation] Aquarius [lunar calendar] December 20, 2020 (December 20, 2020) [appropriate] Pray for marriage, start a journey, migrate to office, accept wealth, enter the house, open the market and set up a bed as a stove, accept recruitment, accept his son-in-law's fasting Festival, bury him, ask for heir, erect the beam on the column, beg for wealth, govern the road and sacrifice [avoid] live apart, plant, dig canals, drain water, build houses, build bridges, build dikes, accept livestock, open warehouses and buy property, meridians [auspicious gods and trends] Tiande, yuede, Tianen, Tianma will not [evil spirits and taboos] He Kui, the God of death, the moon is evil, the moon is empty, the white tiger [eight characters] Geng Zi, his own ugliness, Geng Chen, C Zi [Na Yin] Earth thunderbolt on the wall, fire, white lacquered gold [eight characters and five elements] golden water, earth, earth, gold, earth, fire, water [stars] Bi YUEWU Shiri: Bi Xing created the master's double perfection, and bought the countryside with millet money. Buried this day, he added an official position, and the field silkworm became mature in Yongfeng year. Opening the door and releasing water are auspicious, and the whole family is safe. If marriage still falls on this day, children will have a happy life. How about moving to a new house this day? Judging from today's old calendar, it is a good day to enter the house. If you need to accurately choose auspicious days and prosper, you can choose from auspicious days of entering the house below.

入宅 1

what is the stress of entering the house? 1. The first step of "entering the house ceremony" is to choose a auspicious day suitable for the whole family and offer incense to ancestors on auspicious days and auspicious times. When offering incense to ancestors, the incense is still burning and the fire is on (and firecrackers are set off). 2. You can't go in before entering the house. It's easy to rush into a house without a "house entry ceremony". Therefore, it is not recommended that you live in temporarily without holding a "house entry ceremony". 3. Guests can be entertained on the day of the "house entry ceremony". A neo Confucianism believes that guests can be entertained in the new house as long as the "house entry ceremony" is held.

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