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Auspicious day in the Yellow calendar: how about February 2, 2021? Is it suitable for entering the house

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house plays a great role for us. With a house, we feel a sense of security, so now people are trying to make money to buy a house. For those who are about to move into a new house, it is very important to choose an auspicious day. Entering the house on a suitable day means that their future life will be very beautiful.

入宅4 (3)

date of entry on February 2, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-02-02 [Zodiac] rat Chong (pig) [constellation] Aquarius [lunar calendar] December 21, 2020 [Yi] Accept the wealth, pray for blessings, build the beam on the vertical column of the house, celebrate the festival, migrate and bury to any post, ask for offspring, plant the livestock, give gifts, open the warehouse, offer sacrifices, remove the school, cut the clothes, hairpin [avoid] marry, enter the house, open the market, take action, establish a voucher, accept the wealth, live apart, settle the bed, build a boat, go to school and seek medical treatment [auspicious God should tend] Yin Liuyi jade hall when heaven, grace and moon are three in one [evil spirit should avoid] Tired of flaunting and dead, jiukan and Jiujiao heavy day [stars] mouth fire monkey poem day: mouth star is made into a prison sentence, and it must be the Lord for three years. Many people died in burial. Therefore, Dingyin Nian was chosen to kill people. More than three bereavements are caused by this. One person takes medicine and poison two people. Every family and field has been defeated, and the gold and silver in the warehouse has turned into dust. [hold] set [star God] sky open [value God] jade Hall (Zodiac day) [fetal God] just west of the kitchen stove bed [Peng zubaiji] the owner doesn't taste the spicy sauce and doesn't travel far. What's the day like? It's not suitable to enter the house today. It's suggested to choose another auspicious day. If you need a good day for the prosperity of your family with eight characters, You can find it in [auspicious day of residence] below.

入宅 2

precautions and attention to entering the house 1. Three days before entering the new house (or the day before yesterday), you must add a little glutinous rice and a little crude salt into the water, sprinkle the whole room, turn on the light after sprinkling rice water (24 hours), and turn off the light until you move into the house. 2. After the fire in front of the door is booming, open the door and shout, "the door of wealth, the door of wealth is wide open, and the gold and silver treasures roll in", then throw the prepared coins (gold coins of one yuan, how many are optional) into the house, and then roll in eight big oranges or persimmons. 3. When choosing the auspicious day of moving, the choice of the day should not conflict with the zodiac or sun column of the party or his family, especially the zodiac and sun column of master Fang, which cannot conflict with the day.

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