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Auspicious day: is February 7, 2021 a good day for housewarming

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with the development of economy, our quality of life is getting higher and higher. Buying a house and a car has become the norm. However, we should pay more attention to some days. We must choose an auspicious day to check in for the newly bought house, so as to help the family bring more wealth and smooth their check-in.

入宅3 (3)

date of entering the house on February 7, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] February 7, 2021 [Zodiac] Niu Chong (Dragon) [constellation] Aquarius [lunar calendar] December 26, 2020 [should] marry Na Caina, pray for wealth, build fasting rituals, sacrifice, capture and plant animals [avoid] Enter the house, open the market, go out, repair the grave, bury the migrant, an Xiang, open the warehouse, drill the meridians and break the earth [auspicious God should tend to] Yue De, Yue en, four phases, Yang De, three in harmony, heavenly joy, heavenly doctor's order [ferocious evil should avoid] Yue hates the earth fire, four strikes the great evil [eight characters] Xin Chou Geng Yin, bingxu Wuzi [Na Yin] Earth on the wall, pine and cypress wooden house [eight characters and five elements] Gold, earth, wood, fire, earth, water [Xingxiu] xingri, Ma Shiri: Xingxiu is good at building new houses, and it is close to the emperor to be promoted. Do not bury and drain water. The evil star is near and the woman dies. Leave life and death without love. Go home and don't marry Lang. Confucius nine difficult, open the door to the water, fate hurt. [Peng zubaiji] if C doesn't repair the stove, he will see disaster. He doesn't eat dogs to make trouble and go to bed. Is today a good day to move into the house? Today's yellow calendar is not suitable for entering the house. It is recommended to choose another auspicious day. If you need a good day for the prosperity of your family, you can check it in the [auspicious day of entering the house] below.

入宅 5

house Feng Shui and stress 1. If there is a rush and evil shape facing the door, plants can be placed in the front of the door, which can not only avoid the evil spirit, but also attract wealth and treasure. 2. For acupoints lacking water, they are backed by the main vein of Lailong, with sand protection on the left and right and Mingtang in front. The dragon runs through the Qi, protects the sand and hides the wind, and obtains water from the Ming pond, which has become a great auspicious place. 3. In order to meet the requirements of the "feng shui theory" of the eight House technique and the five house technique, the residence facing the avenue or street can be covered by building a screen wall, which is built outside or inside the door. Its purpose is to prevent wind and to avoid evil spirits.

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