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Lucky day: how about moving to your new house on February 8, 2021

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house is very important to us at any time. House is not only our residence, but also a place that can bring us a sense of security, so we all like to stay at home. For a new house, we need to pay attention to the time of entering the house. We must choose a auspicious day, so that we can live in smoothly. It can also bring us good luck.


February 8, 2021 housewarming date inquiry [Gregorian calendar] February 8, 2021 [Zodiac] Niu Chong (snake) [constellation] Aquarius [lunar calendar] December 27, 2020 [appropriate] Na Cai marries, asks for heirs, seeks forgiveness, sacrifices, prays for blessings, goes out for funerals, makes vouchers, fasts, migrates to open warehouses, goes to school, accepts wealth [avoid] plants, builds houses, builds beds, makes beds, goes to any post, buys property, goes boating, buries, breaks ground, seeks wealth [eight characters and five elements] gold earth, gold wood, fire water, gold water [Xingxiu] Zhang Yue Lu Shiri: Zhang xingri is good at making Longxuan, Every year and see into Zhuangtian. Soon after burial, he was promoted to an official position and served as an official from generation to generation near the emperor. Open the door and release water to attract wealth and wealth, marriage and happiness. Tianchan Dali's warehouse is full, and everything goes well. [blessing God] Zhengdong [God of wealth] southwest [holding the throne] receiving [star God] hell Star [value God] gouchen (underworld day) [Peng zubaiji] Ding will get sore if he doesn't shave his head, and it's not good for him to marry. Will the groom move to his new house this day? Today is not a prosperous auspicious day for entering the house, The best time for you and your family to enter the house must be the fate of you and your family. The following [auspicious day of entering the house] can be matched for you.


avoid and pay attention to entering the house. 1. Move the three heaviest furniture into the house first, and then move other furniture. Six auspicious things: rice bucket, water bucket, red envelope bag, new bowl, new chopsticks and new spoon. 2. When entering the house, avoid breaking the month, weekdays, closing days, robbery, disaster, month, punishment, month weariness, five tombs, month harm, big time, heavenly officials, four wastes, four separation, return taboo, the day of death and the day when white tigers enter China. 3. When the rabbit jumps into the house uninvited, it means that there are peach blossoms at the door. Singles will soon meet lovers.

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