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Can I enter a new house on the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month in December 2020

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China is a country with a long history. Some traditional customs are very important to people. They may think it is a kind of inheritance in their hearts, so they also attach great importance to some customs. It is very important to enter the house. They generally choose a auspicious day, so that they can move in more smoothly.

入宅 4

entering the house on the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month in December 2020, the Yellow calendar should avoid [Gregorian calendar] January 22, 2021 [Zodiac] rat Chong (mouse) [constellation] Capricorn [lunar calendar] the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month in 2020 (December 10, 2020) [should] Pray for marriage and construction, move the ground to settle the bed, build the stove, repair the grave, remove the lawsuit of seeking medical treatment and accept the mining through the well, plant and build the house for sacrifice, capture [avoid] the upper beam, vertical column, meridians and collaterals, enter the house, open the warehouse, set up the market, accept the money, ship, accept the livestock, break the ground, open the drill, bury, travel, migrate and live apart [auspicious God should follow] heaven, virtue and moon, respect and solve the God's bark [evil spirit should avoid] When the moon is a big disaster, it is a big defeat in the Xianchi lake and a small consumption in the five virtual prison [eight characters] Geng Zi's own ugliness, Geng Wu Zi [Na Yin] Earth thunderbolt fire on the wall, earth beside the road [eight characters and five elements] Jinshui earth, earth, gold fire water [stars] Niu Jinniu's poem day: Niu Xing is the main disaster, and the nine horizontal three disasters cannot be pushed. The house is uneasy, the population is retreating, the field silkworm is unfavorable, and the owner is declining. Marriage is self destructive, and the valley of gold and silver is gradually gone. If you open the door and release water, cattle, pigs, sheep and horses will also be sad. Can I enter the new house today? According to the Yellow calendar, today is not an auspicious day to enter the house. The auspicious day is urged by the auspicious day. The good day is closely related to the eight characters. At the end of the article [auspicious day to enter the house] can be selected in combination with the eight characters of the birthday.


house Feng Shui is particular about 1. The area of the room should not be too large. If the space area is too large, the space will be too bright. In Feng Shui, it is not conducive to the collection of air flow, resulting in too little Yang and more yin, which can easily lead to the disharmony of the host and the host. 2. The mirror can be used to block the evil spirit and reflect it back. But the mirror facing the door will shine the evil Chong Ke into the bedroom, which brings bad luck. 3. From the perspective of Feng Shui, a tidy bedroom is conducive to one's good luck. For single people, it is easy to meet people with similar interests.

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