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How about entering the house on the 14th day of the twelfth lunar month in 2020

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entering the house is a celebration. Indeed, we will be very happy on this day. So we are very particular about this. Generally speaking, we will make preparations early. I will definitely choose an auspicious day to stay in, because this can make my family fortune better and imply a better life in the future.

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December 14, 2020 lunar calendar the Yellow calendar should avoid [Gregorian calendar] January 26, 2021 [Zodiac] rat Chong (Dragon) [constellation] Capricorn [lunar calendar] December 14, 2020 (December 14, 2020) [should] Nacai marries, prays for blessings, builds houses, fasts, sacrifices, asks for heirs, removes land, migrates, takes money to work, plants livestock on the upper beam of the vertical column, catches and goes to school [taboo] builds houses, builds graves, buries, opens warehouses, starts drilling, breaks through the meridians, opens the market [Xingxiu] room fire pig poem day: room stars build cattle into the field, and children and grandchildren approach princes from generation to generation. Wealth and glory come from heaven, and life is like eight thousand years of Peng Zu. Open the door and release water to attract wealth and wealth, and marry and have expensive children. If the burial can be carried out on this day, the gate will be prosperous and blessed forever. [hold position] take [star God] tianyixing [value God] Qinglong (Zodiac day) [fetal God] zhanmen chicken's habitat in the southwest [Peng zubaiji] a doesn't open the warehouse, property dissipation, Xu doesn't eat dogs and go to bed. How about going to the house today? How about the housewarming day? Today is a good time to move into the house. If you want to refer to the best auspicious day with eight characters and five lines, here are the following The auspicious day of entering the house can be used to find out the date that coincides with you.

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what Feng Shui is particular about the house? 1. The living room can't be cut without corners, that is to say, its pattern is best square or rectangular. If there are prominent corners, you can set up bonsai or hang Chinese knots. 2. Find the "wealth position" in your room , make sure the light at the wealth position is bright and sufficient. Remember to keep the "wealth position" in your home shining and let the "light of hope" illuminate your wealth position. 3. If you worship gods at home, you can't place the gods towards the wall. You can't meet the wall to think about mistakes only after making mistakes, so such placement will be disrespectful to the gods and regarded as disrespectful.

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