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Is December 16 of the lunar calendar a good day to enter the house in the Yellow calendar in 2020

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we all know that every day is actually different, so the luck of these days will be different, and our luck will change accordingly. If we want to make things go smoothly, we should always pay attention to it, so that we can have good luck. People who have just bought a house must also pay attention to the house entry date, which is very important.

入宅 3

Inquiry on the date of entering the house on the 16th of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar in 2020 [Gregorian calendar] January 28, 2021 [Zodiac] rat Chong (horse) [constellation] Capricorn [lunar calendar] 16th of the twelfth month of 2020 (December 16, 2020) [appropriate] Accept the opening of the market, establish vouchers, accept wealth and pray for blessings, recruit a redundant son-in-law, go to Ren zhaijiao for burial, start drilling, get rid of clothes, seek medical sacrifice, ask the heir to go to the funeral, plug the acupoint [avoid] get married, go to the house, open the earth, buy property, build a boat, return to Ning, crown hairpin, build a house, break the earth, build a dike, discharge water, acupuncture and moxibustion migration vertical column [auspicious God should tend] official day Liuhe will not continue to bark at [evil spirit should avoid] Heavenly officials die, blood sticks, earth runes return, avoid blood, avoid touching water dragons, heavenly Punishment [God of fortune] due east [God of wealth] southwest [hold position] close [star God] heavenly punishment Star [Peng Zu's Taboos] C. If you don't repair the stove, you will see disaster, and your son won't ask for divination. Kui Mu wolf poem day: Kui Xing is very auspicious, and his family is prosperous. If we bury Yin and die, the Lord will be buried two or three times that year. Look at the military order and punishment. There are many lawsuits against the Lord of plague. Open the door and release water to invite disaster. It will damage the children twice in three years. Is it a good day for you to enter the house today? It is not suitable for you to enter the house today. It is recommended to choose another auspicious day. If you need a good day for your family to be prosperous, you can find it in [auspicious day for entering the house] below.


feng shui knowledge 1. Foot cutting Sha is very rare in urban areas. Most of them are located on the mountains or the sea in the suburbs, and the houses are close to the water. In front of the water sticking to the acupoint, the water feels close to the acupoint, and the transporter should make use of this time to forge ahead and make a fortune, not for a long time. 2. The shape of the overpass is like a sickle. The combination of hills and roads is another kind of sickle. It is caused by the flat ground of the curved road. It is very destructive and will have a bad impact on the residents. 3. The porch is a very important Feng Shui location. The application of color should comply with the design principle of "top light and bottom heavy", which is conducive to family harmony and implies the order of family growth and family stability.

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