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Can I enter a new house on December 17 of the lunar calendar in 2020

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no matter when we do things, we always want to do things perfectly, but sometimes it won't go as smoothly as we think. This may be affected by some luck, so we all care about our luck very much. A good fortune has played a great role for us. So we can choose a lucky day for entering the house, which can bring us good luck.


Inquiry on the date of entering the house on December 17 of the lunar calendar in 2020 [Gregorian calendar] January 29, 2021 [Zodiac] rat Chong (sheep) [constellation] Capricorn [lunar calendar] December 17, 2020 [appropriate] travel for money, recruit a son-in-law to sacrifice crown hairpin, and enter the school for people [avoid] Marry Na Cai, enter the house, break the ground, pray for blessings, move to an Xiang'an gate, set up a bed, bury Liang An, break the ground, go to mourn, build a property, build a dike, discharge water for medical treatment, go to any post, ask for heirs, ship the vertical column, start drilling, lift the separation boat [auspicious God should tend] keep the day, don't want to be an [evil spirit should avoid] build the earth house every month, go to the dead rosefinch [Xingxiu] Lou golden dog poem day: Lou Xing sets up the door with a vertical column, Wealth prospers the family and everything prospers. Money goes in a hundred days, and a brother is famous. Marriage brings good health to your son, and the hall is full of jade and silk, gold and silver boxes. It is auspicious to release water and open the door. Men are honored and women live a peaceful life. [empty death] year: Chen, the last month: afternoon, the last day: Shen, you [Sanhe]: snake, chicken [Liuhe] mouse [Sanhui] snake, chicken, can you enter the new house this day? According to the Yellow calendar, today is not an auspicious day to enter the house. It is urged by a auspicious place and a good time. Haorizi has a close relationship with the eight characters. At the end of the article [auspicious day to enter the house] You can choose the best day in combination with the eight characters of your birthday.


home feng shui pays attention to 1. In home feng shui, white tiger star is not suitable to be higher than Qinglong, otherwise it will commit "white tiger evil spirit". To put it bluntly, "white tiger Sha" also means that the right side of some houses is a very high building, or a very high pressure tower and chimney, while the left side is relatively narrow. 2. In residential geomantic omen, everything pays attention to stability. Housing is the same. It pays attention to four sides without lack of corners. That kind of housing is beneficial to geomantic omen. If the house is an irregular oblique angle house type, it will do more serious harm to the transportation of residents. 3. In home feng shui, the northwest means that noble people help transport, that is, people who can help themselves in clothing, food, housing, transportation or work. Those who help transport are often in distress, auspicious and twists and turns, and are very easy to be supported.

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