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How about entering the house on December 21 of the lunar calendar in 2020? How about the housewarming day

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we all know the custom of entering a house. This form is very important for those who have just bought a new house. It represents family prosperity and has a beautiful meaning. So on this day, we can choose an auspicious day. If we can check in on such a good day, it will make people more relieved and bring us more help.


Inquiry on the date of entering the house on the 21st day of the twelfth lunar month in 2020 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-02-02 [Zodiac] rat Chong (pig) [constellation] Aquarius [lunar calendar] 21st day of the twelfth lunar month in 2020 (December 21, 2020) [appropriate] Accept the wealth, pray for blessings, build the beam on the vertical column of the house, celebrate the festival, migrate and bury to any post, ask for offspring, plant the livestock, give gifts, open the warehouse, offer sacrifices, remove the school, dress the crown and hairpin [taboo] marry, enter the house, open the market, take action, establish a certificate, accept the wealth, separate the CI, settle the lawsuit, build the boat, leave the school, seek medical treatment [hold the position] set the [star God] sky, open the star [value God] jade Hall (Zodiac day) [Xingxiu] mouth fire monkey poem day: mouth stars are made to be sentenced to imprisonment, and three years must be the master. There are many buried dead. Therefore, dingyinnian is chosen to kill. More than three funerals are caused by this, and one person takes medicine and poisons two people. The family and land have retreated, and the gold and silver in the warehouse have turned into dust. [Peng zubaiji] Today is not a prosperous auspicious day for entering the house. The best time for entering the house must be the fate of you and your family. The following [auspicious day for entering the house] can be matched with your eight characters.

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What should be paid attention to when entering the house? 1. When entering the house, it ranges from moving beds and televisions to personal belongings. Carry important belongings with you, and tell workers to check out valuables. Remember to count the belongings when checking out, and ask for invoices or receipts after checking out. 2. When entering the house, you also need to pay attention to whether there are people with opposite zodiac signs. Traditional geophysics also believes that the best zodiac sign for people who move to help is chicken When entering the house, if there is a deity in the family, it is necessary to move in and worship in advance. This is respect for the deity and bless the family in peace and good weather

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