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Is December 27 of the lunar calendar the auspicious day to enter the house in 2020

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for those who attach great importance to traditional customs, some important events will be handled according to the rules. Entering the house is a big event, so they will pay great attention to this. Generally speaking, they will choose an auspicious day before moving in, so that they can live in smoothly and bring some good luck to the family.


query on the 27th day of December of the Chinese lunar calendar in 2020 [Gregorian calendar] February 08, 2021 [Zodiac] Niu Chong (snake) [constellation] Aquarius [lunar calendar] 27th day of December, 2020 [Yi] Marry Na Cai, go out, make vouchers, pray for wealth, ask for forgiveness, sacrifice, funeral, fasting, worship, migration, open warehouse, enter the school [avoid] enter the house, open the market, start the land, plant the roof beam, build a bed, go to any post, buy property, go boating, bury and break the land [auspicious God should follow] Tiande's mother warehouse four phases, six in, five rich, do not take the Sacred Heart [evil should be avoided] He Kui is very serious. He talks about [holding the throne] receiving [star God] hell Star [value God] talking about (underworld day) [stars] Zhang Yuelu's Poetry Day: Zhang xingri is good at building the Dragon Pavilion and sees him in Zhuangtian every year. Soon after burial, he was promoted to an official position and served as an official from generation to generation near the emperor. Open the door and release water to attract wealth and wealth, marriage and happiness. Tianchan Dali's warehouse is full, and everything goes well. Is today a auspicious day for entering the house? Today's calendar is not suitable for entering the house. It is recommended to choose another auspicious day. If you need a good day for your family to be prosperous, you can find it in [auspicious day for entering the house] below.

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what should be paid attention to when entering the house 1. Matters needing attention when entering the house: all kinds of articles can be moved in before the date of entering the house. But don't position important furniture first. It will be fixed on the day of entering the house. The stove should open an account after entering the house and cook sweet tea or dumplings for good luck. 2. Entering the house is a very new thing. The new house has a new atmosphere. On the day of entering the house, the whole family cannot enter empty handed. They should enter the house with mascots, money and property in order. 3. Entering the house is a good omen and a happy event for the whole family. Red festive objects such as colorful heads, firecrackers and door couplets can be arranged around the gate to grab good luck.

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