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Should the old yellow calendar move into the house on December 29 of the lunar calendar in 2020

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we often hear many people say that fortune is very important. Indeed, a good fortune is very helpful. If you want to develop well, you must be accompanied by good luck. Therefore, when we enter the house, we will pay special attention to it. We will choose an auspicious day to check in again. In this way, good luck will follow, and it also implies a better life.


December 29, 2020 lunar calendar old yellow calendar query [Gregorian calendar] February 10, 2021 [Zodiac] Niu Chong (sheep) [constellation] Aquarius [lunar calendar] December 29, 2020 [appropriate] travel for money, recruit a son-in-law, sacrifice Guanji, enter school and ask for people [avoid] Marry Na Cai, move into the house, pray for blessings, break the ground, go to funeral, build a property, build a dike, discharge water, seek medical treatment, go to any post, ask for heirs, ship, go up the beam and vertical column, start drilling, lift separation, sail [hold] close [star God] noble Star [duty God] Ming Hall (Zodiac day) [Na Yin] Earth pine and cypress thunderbolt fire on the wall [eight characters and five elements] Golden earth, golden wood, earth, wooden water [stars] water worm poem day: the Dragon Palace was built near the water by the stars. They have been officials for generations. Wealth and honor increase longevity and wealth, and the Treasury is full and the warehouse is full from Changlong. Wen Xing is buried to take care of and help. The house is peaceful without evil. As an official, he was favored by the emperor, and the marriage dragon came out of the Dragon Palace. Is it appropriate for Lao Huang Li to move into the house today? Today's Huang Li is not suitable for entering the house. It is suggested to choose another auspicious day. If you need a good day for your family to be prosperous, you can find it in [auspicious day of entering the house] below.


pay attention to the custom of entering the house. 1. When entering the house, do not forget to worship the gods. Enter the house on the day of entering the house according to the time selected in advance. The modern Yangzhai apartment can't carry out over fire and regret wine ceremony. 2. After entering the house, it is also very exquisite to worship the gods. Therefore, after entering the house, you can directly worship the foundation owner and the kitchen god, and then light a fire to boil water. 3. Wugu Jingzhai method - a method similar to crude salt Jingzhai method. Rice, millet, sorghum, soybean and corn [glutinous rice] are used instead of coarse salt. Some places also use glutinous rice.

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