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Is the new year's eve of December 30 of the Chinese lunar calendar a good day for entering the house of the Yellow calendar in 2020

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we will experience many things in our life. No matter who buys a house, it is a particularly important thing. After all, the house is the foundation of one's survival, so we will pay special attention to the house. Therefore, when entering the house, we will choose an auspicious day, and staying on such a good day can bring good luck to the family.

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Inquiry on New Year's Eve on December 30, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] February 11, 2021 [Zodiac] niuchong (monkey) [constellation] Aquarius [lunar calendar] December 30, 2020 [should] dress up and be buried [should] relatives and friends of the new year's clothing association buy cars and collect money [avoid] Worship, pray for blessings, move, get married, move to a new house, move to a new house, move to a new house [auspicious God, Yi trend] to settle tiancang, do not bark at Wang RI, do not bark at [evil spirit, Yi Ji] build the earth house for hours every month, go to the death penalty [hold the position] build [star God] heaven penalty, star [value God] heaven penalty (underworld day) [eight characters and five elements] Gold earth, gold wood, gold wood, fire water [stars] jiaomujiao poem day: the creator of Jiaoxing is prosperous and goes outside to the fields, wealth and girls. Marriage gives birth to noble children, scholars and kings. But burial is not available. Three years later, the Lord plague. I started to build a grave base. Now I see my master dead. Is this a good day for entering the house in the Yellow calendar? Today is not a prosperous auspicious day for entering the house. The best time for entering the house in fuze must be the fate of you and your family. The following [auspicious day for entering the house] can be matched with your eight characters.


house entry customs and stress 1. The Tibetan housewarming ceremony is called "Kangsu". In Tibetans, the ceremony of entering a house is different from that of ordinary people. On the day before the official move or in the morning of that day, the owner's house takes a bag of cow dung, a bucket of water, a Chung bowl containing tea, salt, alkali and other objects and "grain bucket" to the new house. These objects should be tied with hada to show good luck. After that, the furniture was officially moved. 2. When worshipping the gods, the similarity is that when entering the house, the elderly are the first. After moving into the new house, the ceremony of "taobu ginseng" is held. This is a ceremony to sacrifice the kitchen god. The elders of the family offer hada to the kitchen god, hang hada on the stove and water tank, and offer hada to the Buddha. 3. The time of Tibetan house entry ceremony is also relatively long. After the new house is settled, the host family will hold a "Kangsu" ceremony on another day. The "Kangsu" ceremony in Lhasa generally takes three days, and Shigatse takes more than five days.

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