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Can a 36 year old ox decorate a new house and move in his life year

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moving is also a major event worthy of celebration, which means changing the living environment in the future. However, before moving, the house is often not only depressed, but also the key road is relatively slippery. You should not be too careless when you will break your face one after another on the way of moving.


precautions for new home decoration. If a 36 year old cow decorates his new house in 2021, he must apply the knowledge of Feng Shui and numerology, so as to make the future fortune of the whole family prosperous. You can consider using a piggy bank, which means that in the future, your family will be rich and will not be short of money; You can also buy a mahogany ornament, which should be placed in the living room. The house should be decorated before you can move in, and you should determine what things to avoid according to the zodiac signs of the homeowner, especially the 36-year-old ox man in the year of his birth. His luck in the past few years is very bad. How to avoid more adverse effects on his luck when moving.


were born in 1985. Is it suitable to decorate and move in 2021? Among the Taisui offenders, Zhu Yanzhong's Taisui is serious and self punishment. The rest are slightly better. Most people believe that only the most severe punishment is too old, and for 1985, 2021 is the year of life, which is too old. Therefore, from this perspective, it is not impossible for a 36 year old ox man to decorate. At the same time, it is not impossible if he has to move in the year of the Xin Chou ox. But when moving, we should make various preparations to minimize the harm. For example, we should choose a good day to move, not any day we want; And the weather should be sunny, not cloudy and rainy.


precautions for moving: if a 36 year old ox moves in 2021, it's best to choose an auspicious day. The move should be carried out in the morning as far as possible, so that the light is sufficient and the momentum and fortune will be more prosperous. Generally speaking, don't move in the afternoon or evening. It should be stopped in the evening. At the same time, it is best to encounter all kinds of misfortunes on the day of moving. If you encounter bad weather conditions, it is not suitable to move. Choosing that kind of weather means expelling evil spirits and turning evil spirits into evil spirits and peace; You can also hang a Chinese knot, which means good luck and good fortune. The feelings between your family will become closer and closer, and you won't quarrel about small things.

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