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The best auspicious day to enter the house in January of the Gregorian calendar in 2021 is the first-class housewarming day in January

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as we all know, moving to a new home should be a happy event. Therefore, many people will be optimistic about the day before entering the house. Choosing an auspicious day to stay will have a great impact on them, because doing so can not only make entering the house more smoothly, but also imply that life will become better and better in the future.

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the most auspicious day to enter the house in January 2021 in the Gregorian calendar. Here are some of the most auspicious days to enter the house in January 2021 [Gregorian calendar] January 06 [Zodiac] rat Chong (monkey) [lunar calendar] November 23, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] January 19, 2021 [Zodiac] rat Chong (chicken) [lunar calendar] seventh day of December, 2020 (December 7, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-24 [lunar calendar] rat Chong (tiger) [lunar calendar] twelfth day of December, 2020 (December 12, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-26 [lunar calendar] rat Chong (Dragon) [lunar calendar] fourteenth day of December, 2020 (December 14, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] January 30, 2021 [Zodiac] rat Chong (monkey) [lunar calendar] on December 18, 2020 (December 18, 2020), different eight character family fortunes have different opportunities to improve. People may not be prosperous on the same day. Below [auspicious day for entering the house], you can refer to the eight character house owner to select the best auspicious day with five elements.

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Customs and attention when entering the house 1. According to folk customs, you need to turn on all windows and taps for a few minutes to start the power of Feng Shui. (the so-called wind makes water good luck, you can also take a bucket of water, and then put the electric fan high to blow the water) 2. According to Chinese traditional customs, when you enter the house, you need to invite guests to the house, indicating that you can prosper the new house and increase happiness. On the day of eating, you can prepare Tangyuan dessert to entertain guests and pray for auspiciousness and perfection. 3. When you enter the house, you should pay attention to these two things. (there are two steps to do when entering the house, one is to install a bed and the other is to light a fire "Turn on the newly bought gas stove to cook." at this time, you can cook sweet dumplings or vegetable soup. Good omen ~)

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