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The auspicious date of entering the house in January 2021 is the auspicious date of entering the house this month in the Yellow calendar

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everyone hopes to have a good fortune. Yes, a person's fortune has a great impact on their development. After all, a good fortune has a deep impact on people's life. If those who are about to enter the house can choose a good day, they can bring good luck.


the auspicious date of entering the house in January 2021 is listed below. The auspicious date of entering the house in this month is listed below [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-01 [Zodiac] rat Chong (rabbit) [lunar calendar] winter 18, 2020 (November 18, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-06 [Zodiac] Rat Chong (monkey) [lunar calendar] winter 23, 2020 (November 23, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-19 [Zodiac] rat Chong (chicken) [lunar calendar] seventh day of December, 2020 (December 7, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-24 [Zodiac] rat Chong (tiger) [lunar calendar] twelfth day of December, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-26 [Zodiac] rat Chong (Dragon) [lunar calendar] December 14th, 2020 (December 14th, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-30 [Zodiac] rat Chong (monkey) [lunar calendar] December 18th, 2020 (December 18th, 2020) the above yellow calendar only comes from the Yellow calendar, which should not be avoided. The auspicious days that do not coincide with the eight character chart may be destroyed. If you want to take the auspicious stars For the day of blessing the gate, you can choose [auspicious day of entering the house] below.

入宅 2

tips on house moving 1. What is the second turn to fireworks? For example, after the supplies needed at home are in place, the elderly usually make a brazier, light some charcoal and take it to a new home. This procedure is called fireworks. 2. Turning fireworks actually has another meaning. If you go back to the past, it should mean inviting the stove master to come to the door. After turning the fireworks, the new home can officially live and cook. 3. It is better to choose the water day when moving, rather than the fire day. The Yin day should be selected for the Yang day, and the Yin day should cooperate with the Yang day. On the basis of choosing a day, we should also find out the specific appropriate time of the day and determine the appropriate moving time. The move should be completed before 3 p.m.

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