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List of the best days for rats to enter the house in December 2020

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is very happy for people who are about to move into a new house. Therefore, when they enter the house, they will pay special attention to the old yellow calendar, and it becomes particularly necessary to choose an auspicious day. Staying in a new house on a suitable day can not only bring good luck to the family, but also help them in their future work.

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December 2020 is the best day for rats to enter the house. A list of auspicious days in the old yellow calendar [Gregorian calendar] January 13, 2021 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (rabbit) [lunar calendar] December 1, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] January 19, 2021 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (chicken) [lunar calendar] December 7, 2020 (December 7, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-26 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (Dragon) [lunar calendar] December 14, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-30 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (monkey) [lunar calendar] December 18, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-02-01 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (dog) [lunar calendar] December 20, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-02-06 [Zodiac] Niu Chong (rabbit) [lunar calendar] December 25, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-02-11 [Zodiac] Niu Chong (monkey) [lunar calendar] December 30, 2020 The above yellow calendar only comes from the Yellow calendar, which should be avoided. There is a possibility of killing on auspicious days that do not coincide with the eight character chart. If you want to take auspicious stars and bless the door, you can choose the following [auspicious day of entering the house].

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There are two ways to move and choose a day: one is to choose an auspicious day according to the eight characters of the house owner; the other is to choose an auspicious day by sitting in the direction of the house or divination. 2. When moving, it should be noted that the commonly used furniture such as beds and sofas can not be fully placed in place, and they can be straightened out on the selected auspicious day and auspicious hour. 3. If there is supply at home Those who worship the throne should first move the altar in; if they do not worship God, they can move mascots such as safe or treasury.

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