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January 2021 is the auspicious day for tigers to move into their new home

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moving into the house is actually a very common thing. For those who buy a new house, they need to move in, so they will choose a good day. Living in such a good day has a beautiful meaning. It can not only make life happy, but also bring good luck to the family. It is very meaningful.


January 2021 is the auspicious day for tigers to enter the house and the most auspicious day for tigers to move to a new home [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-06 [Zodiac] rat Chong (monkey) [lunar calendar] winter 23, 2020 (November 23, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-07 [Zodiac] rat Chong (chicken) [lunar calendar] winter 24, 2020 (November 24, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-13 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (rabbit) [lunar calendar] December 1, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-19 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (chicken) [lunar calendar] December 7, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-25 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (rabbit) [lunar calendar] December 13, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-26 [Zodiac] rat Chong (Dragon) [lunar calendar] December 14, 2020 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-30 [Zodiac] rat Chong (monkey) [lunar calendar] December 18, 2020 (December 18, 2020) The timing and fortune of each family are different, and the timing to improve the family fortune is also different. The following [auspicious day of entering the house] can be used by the head of household to choose auspicious days and choose the days when everything is good.


Feng Shui's fate of moving is very particular. 1. When entering the new house, you can't enter the house empty handed. On the day of moving, everyone must take some valuable things in his hand when he walks in for the first time. 2. If someone bumps into his family when moving, he will only attack one person. When the time is not allowed to choose another day, you can let the offending person wear red socks on the day of moving , red shoes avoid it. 3. Generally speaking, when moving, first move the stove and grain in. There is an axe in the stove, which means that one axe (blessing) weighs all misfortunes.

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