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It is a lucky day for rats to enter the house in January 2021

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many of us have the habit of reading the Yellow calendar, so they should all know that there will be many taboos on the Yellow calendar. We should be optimistic about the days when we enter the house, which is very important, because every day has an important moral. Staying on an auspicious day can not only make the family prosperous, but also bring back good luck.


is a lucky day for rats to enter the house in January 2021. Query below, select 6 days according to the old yellow calendar. It is a lucky day for rats to move into the house in January 2021 [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-06 [Zodiac] rat Chong (monkey) [lunar calendar] winter 23, 2020 (November 23, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-19 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (chicken) [lunar calendar] seventh day of December, 2020 (December 7, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-24 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (tiger) [lunar calendar] twelfth December, 2020 (December 12, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-25 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (rabbit) [lunar calendar] thirteenth December, 2020 (December 13, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-26 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (Dragon) [lunar calendar] December 14, 2020 (December 14, 2020) [Gregorian calendar] 2021-01-30 [Chinese Zodiac] rat Chong (monkey) [lunar calendar] December 18, 2020 (December 18, 2020) In this article, we select the auspicious days when the God of good fortune reigns by integrating various factors, but only refer to the Yellow calendar instead of the eight characters. If you want to combine the eight characters and five lines, you can select your exclusive auspicious days of the zodiac with the following [auspicious days of entering the house],

入宅2 (2)

The geomantic omen of the house pays attention to 1. The house must have the smell of fireworks, because only when the house gets along with people every day can it produce a magnetic field of Yin-Yang harmony. You can choose to plant some flowers and plants at home, or breed small fish, dogs and kittens. 2. It is very important to "sit in the north facing the south, the house type is square and the moving line is reasonable". The ancients paid attention to "a round sky and a round place" , the house type must be square. A square house gives people a sense of safety and stability. 3. If there are long-term projects around the community, don't move them temporarily, because long-term construction will produce huge pollution and noise. Feng Shui believes that this is a sign of great evil and a big taboo.

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