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Disadvantages of apple milk diet

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Although milk and apples are the treasures of food, it is a little unsafe to use them to replace the staple food. First of all, from the perspective of heat balance, only eating apple milk is bound to be hungry. If you are strong enough, you can only reduce the metabolic rate and make your body consume less energy. Even if you insist on it, you will inevitably have a bad remedy on Monday, which will lead to excess energy and inevitably lead to obesity. Secondly, the nutrition elements in apple milk can not cover all the daily vitamins and minerals needed by human body.

Apple milk weight loss method on the body's harm: easy to stimulate the stomach

If you really want to lose weight, the best choice is red apple, because green apple will be more sour, it is easy to stimulate the stomach and intestines, causing disease.

Apple milk weight loss method on the body of harm 2: easy to eat light mouth

If you eat apple milk every day, the taste will become very light, a little bit of sugar or salt will stimulate the taste.

The harm of apple milk weight loss method to the body: nutrition imbalance

If it is a growing child, it is absolutely not recommended to use this method of weight loss. Nutrition is too single, the body can not absorb enough nutrition, it is easy to affect the development of the body.

Apple milk weight loss method on the body harm four: easy to rebound

If you can't hold on to apples for three consecutive days, you can't return to your normal diet at once. You should eat more porridge or tofu, otherwise it will rebound easily.

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