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  • Disadvantages of apple milk diet

    Although milk and apples are the treasures of food, it is a little unsafe to use them to replace the staple food. First of all, from the perspective of heat balance, only eating apple milk is bound to be hungry. If you are strong enough, you can only reduce th...

    Slimming 2020-12-03 199 0 milkapples
  • Can milk and watermelon eat together?

    Milk and watermelon can be eaten together. Watermelon and milk are common food in life. They can be eaten together and taste very good.Watermelon is rich in dietary fiber. After eating, it will absorb water and expand in the intestines and stomach to enhance t...

    Food 2020-12-02 279 0 milkwatermelon
  • Can sprite and milk drink together? How about sprite and milk

    Unfortunately, we can't:1. Sprite and milk will cause protein precipitation. The protein in milk yogurt is most afraid of acid, while there is acid in carbonated drinks. There will be turbid flocculent precipitation when mixed.2. Experts believe that milk,...

    Food 2020-12-02 379 0 milk