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Three whitening recipes for the poor to save money

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 3 0

the economic crisis continues and will not subside in a short time, and people's pockets are getting tighter and tighter. But summer is coming. It should have spent a lot of money to welcome the sunshine. Because of saving money, I dare not let myself run to the maintenance products with long grass. Now the editor tells you some whitening methods for the poor, so that you can still have a beautiful summer. Take a look!

1. Distiller's grains + warm water on the face

use an appropriate amount of warm water to open the frozen distiller's grains (be careful not to adjust it too thin), and then apply it on the face for 8 minutes. However, try it on your hand first. Allergy is not good!

2, sweet wine making mask

take the right amount of sweet fermented rice, and grind the rice inside, then put the compressed mask or mask paper down to absorb it, and a whitening mask will be completed. Apply it for about 10-15 minutes. Remember to try it!

3. Sake toner

the sake we drink when we eat Japanese food is also a good helper for whitening. After washing your face, just put sake on your face with a cotton pad. After it is absorbed, apply night cream and other maintenance products.


reveal the secret of whitening principle


have whitening effect because they all contain acid, that is, yeast similar to pitera.


the above materials are relatively cheap and easy to find. Sisters might as well try it. However, because these contain alcohol, you should try them first, and pay attention to avoid your eyes.

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