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How does baby eat strawberry to be safe

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How does baby eat strawberry to be safe

Sweet to drop, red agate strawberry placed in front of you, I believe no one can withstand this temptation, let alone naive baby. How can a baby eat strawberries safely? Mom, look at the following tips!

1. Clean the strawberries thoroughly, though it's a headache. It's not good to wash with water. It's easy to break the epidermis by scrubbing with a brush. On the contrary, it will get dirty things attached to the brush on the pulp. What should we do? It is recommended to soak in light salt water for 10 minutes, and then rinse with water, because the germicidal effect of salt water is stronger than many people think, which is enough to play a role in cleaning strawberries.

2. Try to eat a small amount of newly picked strawberries first, don't eat a lot at a time. If you have allergies, you should stop immediately.

3. Try not to eat strawberries with seafood.

4. Infants should be more cautious when eating strawberries. If the baby has already caused allergy by eating strawberries for the first time, then eating strawberries again may cause more serious allergic reaction of strawberries, so don't give them strawberries for at least 6 months, and tell anyone who will take care of your child that the baby is allergic to strawberries.

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