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The wonderful use of banana peel

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Banana skin can be used as skin care products to moisturize and smooth the skin. Banana peel also has a high medicinal value, for hypertension, stroke, hematochezia treatment has a very good effect. Winter can also prevent frostbite.

If the face is dry skin, stick the inside of banana skin on the face (the inner side of the skin is toward the face), air it for about 10 minutes, and then wash it with water.


1. Leather sofa

Leather sofa or chair, the use of a long time, usually should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance work, otherwise a long time to clean up is not so easy. Here is a little trick to wipe the leather sofa; after eating bananas, you can use the inside of the banana peel to rub the leather surface of the sofa to eliminate the dirt and keep the leather sofa clean.

2. Skilful shoeshine

It can make the leather surface clean and bright.

3. Stroke prevention

Take 30 grams of fresh banana peel Decoction instead of tea, can expand blood vessels, prevent stroke and angina pectoris.

4. Skillful treatment of hematochezia

Take three banana peels, stew and take, can treat hemorrhoids pain, stool bleeding.

5. Skillfully treating chapped hands and feet

After wiping hands and feet with hot water every time, rub the inside of banana peel on the hands to prevent chapped skin of hands and feet. If there is a crack, the banana peel can be rubbed directly at the crack, which can be cured by using it for several times.

6. Treat oral ulcer skillfully.

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