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Can baby eat bananas

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Banana contains almost all vitamins and minerals. It is a starch-rich fruit that can supplement the nutrition the baby needs. Bananas are easy to digest and absorb and are ideal foods for infants and young children. Although eating bananas has many benefits, they should be given to babies in moderation, not more.


Under normal circumstances, babies start to add complementary foods after 6 months. Fruit puree often appears in the baby's menu for those who have just started to add complementary foods because of its rich nutrition and easy digestion. Bananas are a common choice for adding fruit at the beginning, and can be made into a puree and fed to your baby. When the baby has a certain chewing ability during the teething period, the baby can be fed with small pieces of banana, and then gradually added. If you want to feed banana milk, you need to wait one year before feeding.

When adding fruit puree supplementary food to the baby, only add one kind of food at a time to observe the baby's stool change. Once there is diarrhea or the additive is discharged from the stool, the addition of this kind of food should be suspended. Babies should not eat more bananas for 6 months, just two spoonfuls each time. Observe the stool at the same time. If the baby's stool is dry, it will help to relax. If it is thin, stop eating bananas.

Precautions for babies to eat bananas

1. Banana is a starch-rich fruit, eating too much can cause indigestion, and it will hinder the baby's staple food and cause nutritional deficiencies. In addition, excessive intake of bananas can cause gastrointestinal disorders, so it is not good for babies to eat more bananas.

2. Be sure to let your baby eat ripe bananas, because the astringency of raw bananas comes from the large amount of tannin contained in bananas. Tannic acid has a very strong astringent effect and can cause constipation.

3. Don't let your baby eat bananas on an empty stomach. Bananas contain high potassium and magnesium content. Eating bananas on an empty stomach will increase the amount of magnesium in the blood and inhibit the cardiovascular system.

4. Bacteria can easily multiply in places where bananas are damaged. Therefore, bananas for babies should be selected intact.

5. Bananas are relatively high in potassium, so let your baby drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water can help metabolize the excess potassium. As long as the baby is in a normal mood, it does not matter even if it pulls green stools. You can continue to feed it. The baby does not want to eat or If you vomit after eating, don't force it.

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