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Notes on eating strawberries

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Notes on eating strawberries

It is difficult to clean strawberries because of their rough appearance and thin skin. Therefore, many people in order to save time, simply flush with water to eat. In fact, strawberry belongs to herbaceous plants, the plant is relatively low, the fruit is tender and juicy, which makes it vulnerable to diseases and pests and microbial invasion. Therefore, in the process of planting strawberries, pesticides should be used frequently. These pesticides, fertilizers and bacteria can easily adhere to the rough surface of strawberries. If they are not cleaned, they may cause diarrhea and even pesticide poisoning.

Precautions for cleaning strawberries:

1. First remove the leaves, rinse and wash under the running water, then put them into a clean container, dilute the potassium permanganate at the ratio of 1:5000, and soak the strawberries in the disinfectant for 5-10 minutes (if there is no potassium permanganate, salt solution can also be used), and finally soak in cold boiled water for 1-2 minutes before eating.

2. Ordinary people often use salt water to clean strawberries, which is not the right way, because soaking in salt water will speed up the damage speed, making strawberries become salty and rotten. If you want to taste it right away, it's OK to wash it with a little light salt water, but it must be washed with water again. It is recommended to use the special detergent for vegetables and fruits sold on the market.

3. In addition, do not wash the head, because strawberries will be easily injured, do not soak. Because once the strawberries are decapitated and soaked in water, pesticides may enter the heart of strawberries due to moisture, so they are more polluted.

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