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Can baby eat strawberries

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Can baby eat strawberries

Of course, the baby can eat strawberries. The appearance of strawberry is heart-shaped, delicious, red and tender, juicy pulp, sweet and sour taste, rich flavor. Strawberries are rich in nutrition, rich in a variety of effective ingredients, including rich vitamin C. However, vitamin C nutrition has a very good role in promoting the growth and development of the baby, and has an important impact on the brain and intellectual development of the baby. Therefore, if the mother wants the baby to be smart, she can't do without the fruit of strawberry.

Strawberry is rich in amino acids, fructose, sucrose, glucose, pectin, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, nicotinic acid and mineral calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and so on. These nutrients have a very good role in promoting growth and development, which is of great benefit to children. Moreover, the nutritional components in strawberries are easy to be absorbed by the human body, and eating more will not cause fire.

The benefits of strawberries are as follows:

1. Strawberry nutrition ratio is reasonable, which can promote the growth and development of baby. Strawberry is rich in nutrition and rich in many effective ingredients. The pulp contains a lot of carbohydrate, protein, citric acid, malic acid, pectin and other nutrients. In addition, strawberries are also rich in vitamin B1, B2, C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, chromium and other essential minerals and some trace elements. Among them, the phosphorus content of strawberry is 5 times that of apple, and the content of calcium is 3-5 times of Yali and apple. Moreover, strawberry is also an important source of essential cellulose and flavonoids for human body. Often eat strawberry to the growth of human skeleton, skin and nervous system have good health care effect, to the growth and development of children has a role.

2. Often eat strawberry can make brain cell structure firm, to brain and intelligence development is very helpful, every 100 grams strawberry contains vitamin C 50 ~ 100 mg, more than 10 times higher than apple, grape. Scientific research has confirmed that vitamin C can eliminate the relaxation and tension between cells and make the structure of brain cells firm, which is of great help to children's brain and intellectual development.

3. Often eat strawberry, eyesight raises liver. Strawberry is also rich in carotene, also known as vitamin A, after being absorbed by the human body, it can be transformed into vitamin A with physiological activity in the body, which helps to tonify the liver and improve eyesight, and relieve children's eye fatigue.

4. Strawberry has the function of promoting appetite and helping digestion. Strawberry contains a variety of organic acids, fruit acids and pectin substances, can decompose food fat, promote appetite, help digestion, but also promote the secretion of digestive juice and gastrointestinal peristalsis, eliminate excess cholesterol and harmful heavy metals, help human body detoxification, improve immunity.

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