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Taboo of baby eating strawberry

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Taboo of baby eating strawberry

To the market on the strawberry market, that sweet and sour taste, refreshing fragrance, people have appetite. Strawberries have high nutritional value and are appetizing fruits. However, for babies, strawberries are a common allergen, so mothers should pay attention to strawberries for their babies.

Early spring to eat strawberries to the right amount

1. Although strawberries are delicious and healthy, they are good appetizers, but they are cold in nature and should be controlled when eating. Especially in early spring, one can't eat too much, especially the baby's gastrointestinal function is not perfect, eat strawberry more to control the amount. Generally speaking, 10-15 capsules can be eaten each time. In addition, strawberry preservation period is short, it is recommended not to buy too much at one time.

2. Allergic babies should avoid red strawberries. People with allergies should avoid red strawberries, according to a new study by Swedish researchers. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden carefully studied a protein that is believed to cause allergy to strawberries and is associated with the red color of strawberry epidermis (one of the proteins determined by strawberry genes, which is believed to be similar to known allergens in birch pollen), and found that the protein is in part similar to the red color of strawberry epidermis Color related, and the body is prone to allergies in contact with strawberries, their mouth and throat will feel, therefore, parents should make sure that the child has no history of allergy before allowing children to eat red strawberries.

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