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Persimmon should not be eaten with any food

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Persimmon should not be eaten with the following food:

1. Persimmon + Goose: serious death

2. Persimmon + turtle: indigestion

3. Persimmon + sea crab: cold diarrhea

4. Persimmon + liquor: stone formation

5. Persimmon + pomegranate: discomfort

6. Persimmon + egg: diarrhea, raw stones

7. Persimmon + purple potato: gastric bleeding or gastric ulcer

8. Persimmon + octopus: diarrhea

9. Persimmon + crab: eating together will cause illness and poisoning

10. Persimmon + river crab: cold diarrhea

11. Persimmon + kelp: gastrointestinal discomfort

12. Persimmon + sea cucumber: not easy to digest

13. Persimmon + chrysanthemum: eat with easy to hurt the stomach.

14. Persimmon + Goose: serious eating together can lead to death

15. Persimmon + river shrimp: diarrhea

16. Persimmon + sweet potato: abdominal distension

17. Persimmon + potato: eat potatoes, people's stomach will produce a lot of hydrochloric acid, if you eat persimmon again, persimmon in the role of gastric acid will produce precipitation, both difficult to digest, and not easy to discharge

18. Persimmon + laver: affecting calcium absorption

19. Persimmon + jellyfish head: abdominal distension

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