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How to eat crab allergy

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Some people eat crabs will appear itchy long erythema symptoms, in fact, this is eating crab allergy performance.

1、 Causes of crab allergy

Crab is an allergic food with high cold. For allergic people, crab meat enters the human circulation through the intestinal wall, which will induce allergic reaction of human body, causing gastrointestinal smooth muscle spasm, vascular edema, rash, asthma, etc., and in severe cases, anaphylactic shock will be caused.

Due to individual differences, genetic allergic constitution and the lack or reduction of some enzymes in the body are the basis of allergy. In some physiological or pathological conditions, the body's sensitivity to food is different, which can also lead to the occurrence of allergy.

Some people have nothing to do with seafood, but when they eat seafood that is not fresh, a large number of histamine like substances are produced after seafood spoilage, which will cause allergy and even lead to food poisoning after being absorbed by the human body.

2、 Symptoms of crab allergy

Some people will feel uncomfortable after eating crabs, for example, they will feel a large piece of red pimples on their skin, and they are particularly itchy, and even some people will have vomiting, headache, abdominal pain and other symptoms. If these symptoms appear, we must do timely treatment.

3、 How to eat crab allergy to do

1. If the allergic symptoms are mild, you can take no medicine and do not need special treatment. You will recover after 1-2 days.

2. If the allergic symptoms are obvious and itchy all over the body, you can try to take common anti allergic drugs.

3. When taking anti allergic drugs, you can also take vitamin C.

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