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How many people feel that the weather this year feels weird?

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The Tarim River in Xinjiang is full ahead of schedule, and the lakes that have been dry for many years are also full. The wind season in Inner Mongolia has been extended by one month. Now it is still warning of blue or yellow winds every day, tornadoes in Jiangsu and Hubei, and extreme climates in Baiyin, Gansu. The earthquake in Yunnan, Qinghai, shows that the weather is undergoing very strange changes.

The weather today is cold, it’s almost Saturday, and it still feels like spring. Wearing spring clothes and long-sleeved trousers, it feels like summer outside at noon. It’s a bit hot, and it’s cool in the morning and evening. In the past few years, cherry picking basically ended at the end of May, but this year is still the peak season, and it is time for a large number of picking to go on the market. The same is true for wheat. There are still ten days to plant awns. As the saying goes, awns will see wheat stubble in three days. This year is unlikely. The wheat is still green and it is the filling season, which seems to be about half a month later than in previous years! The weather is abnormal this year. I hope that there will be plenty of crops and no bad weather. Let us live and work in peace and enjoy the prosperity and prosperity!

The weather on the Shandong Peninsula this year is not ordinary, it is super strange. In January and February, the snow fell more severely than in previous years, one after another, and when the snow melted, it could form runoff. It’s even stranger in March. Originally, there was little rain in spring in Shandong Peninsula. As the old saying goes, spring rain is as expensive as oil, and more expensive than oil. If you think about how golden and expensive the rain is during this period in a normal year, this year is evil. In April, there was a rain in Weihai that fell more than 100 millimeters, and it went straight down the mountain. The rivers and small ditch are all flowing. I am sixty this year and I have never seen a spring. Flood, see you this year. Until now, God has continued to transform the precipitation in the Shandong Peninsula to the south of the Yangtze River in accordance with the rhythm of one small show for three days and one big show for ten and a half months. The day before yesterday, the weather forecast said there was light rain. As a result, the thunder and lightning roared all night and broke all the pumps in my motor well. Yesterday, the weather forecast said there was no rain, but at nine o'clock, there was another thunder and lightning, and it fell for more than twenty in one breath. Originally, this season was supposed to be the driest season of the year, but now it’s okay. Not to mention the cold quilt on the bed, the damp quilt makes it difficult to sleep well, so I have to dry the quilt once in the sun. It will be comfortable for a day or two, and the tide is again. People are uncomfortable, but the crops, vegetables, and fruits in the ground are even more uncomfortable. I have grown eggplants and peppers in my vegetable garden for more than a month. How old they were when they were planted, they are almost the same size now. I planted a shelf of green beans. The first time I planted them because of low ground temperature, I planted them again a week ago. , I haven't budged yet, I guess it's choking. Looking at the vegetables grown in other people's vegetable gardens, they are all squatting on the ground, not looking like a long one.

Seeing that it’s June, as usual, it’s time to cut wheat in another half a month. There are still some spring fields in the fields that have not been planted. Maybe these fields will be planted together this spring and summer. I hope that the temperature behind will come up soon.

It was cold for a while, hot for a while, a violent wind danced for a while, yellow sand filled the sky for a while, and dark clouds for a while. Although it was summer, it felt like spring.

The weather this year is indeed a bit weird, and there are many specific manifestations.

①Let’s talk about the tornado first. In Jiangsu and Hubei this year, tornadoes caused casualties and damage to buildings. Although there were in previous years, not only were few, but also the harm was not great.

② An abnormal temperature of 30℃ occurred in the first month of the lunar calendar in Nanyang, Henan (just two days). In May, hail appeared in northern Henan, Jiangxi, and Guangdong, seriously damaging agricultural production. The crop production in some areas has been severely reduced, or even no harvest.

③In eastern Guangdong, southeastern Fujian and Taiwan Province, dozens of unusual high temperatures and droughts have occurred. This has resulted in reduced agricultural production and difficulty in drinking water for humans and animals. Most of them have not yet lifted the drought.

④The temperature is also a little weird. For example, in the arid eastern Guangdong, the temperature is 1 to 2 degrees higher than the same period in May of previous years. In northern Golmud, a few days ago, a circle of friends posted snowing videos.

There are indications that the weather this year is indeed special.

The recent heavy rains in Jiangxi, Hunan and northern Guangdong have caused river water levels to rise, etc., which is enough to show that the weather this year is a bit strange.

In addition, it should be noted that this year is not only the weather in my country, but also a global climate feature.

Therefore, care for the environment, protect the environment, and work together to maintain the earth's environment. This is our common home!

In the same way, in previous years, the air conditioner was turned on at night at this time. In addition, this year’s wind is particularly strange, swift and gusty winds that come and go.

The subtropical climate moves northward, with a cycle every two thousand years. In the next few hundred years, Central China, North China, and Northwest China will gradually be rainy throughout the year. Northwest China will be completely covered by green vegetation in the next 100 years, thanks to the humid and rainy northward climate.

The climate change is slow, gradual, but can be felt. The farmland on the Loess Plateau in Shanxi and Shaanxi will gradually increase production and get rid of absolute drought.

In the past 100 years, the Central Plains region has been dry and drier. The rivers have been filled and cultivated due to dryness. Rural drainage systems have also been neglected or even blocked. The local government must pay attention to it and prepare for the abundant water system throughout the year to prevent natural disasters.

How many people feel that the weather this year feels weird?

Coordinates: remote rural villages in Hexi Corridor, Gansu; occupation: shepherd, shepherd in formal terms; gender: probably male; age: temporarily kept secret, anyway, can catch up with the running sheep. I have a deep understanding of the strange weather this year, and a few moths will pop up for you every three to five.


Do you remember the strong sandstorm that swept through from the outer Mongolian country a few days ago? The squally winds along with the loess and yellow sands are surging along the way, and they have the potential to obscure the sky. Our countryside in the Hexi Corridor of the Northwest of China is a "severe disaster area", and naturally it is not immune. This is not the point. The point is that the local meteorological department has reported that this strong sandstorm is the first time in the past 10 years, which is extremely rare.

As a Northwester, I have been familiar with sandstorms, but historically, there have been only a few strong sandstorms of this scale. The strong sand and dust weather brings many inconveniences to people's production and life, especially the elderly who suffer from bronchitis. When encountering this kind of weather, it is difficult to breathe, which seriously affects their health.

Regarding the source of this strong sandstorm, it was later confirmed that it was our neighbor, Outer Mongolia. Because the people of Outer Mongolia mainly rely on stocking cattle and sheep for their livelihoods, they do not pay much attention to environmental protection, and the vegetation is damaged rapidly, resulting in a harsh environment raging by sandstorms. Not to mention the "disaster" themselves, they have seriously affected us.


As a shepherd, her main job every day is to herd sheep, regardless of the severe cold and heat, wind, frost, rain and snow, life flies like a copy, almost every day. Speaking of the abnormal weather this year, we shepherds have the strongest feeling. At 6:30 in the morning, I drove more than 30 small-tailed Han sheep back to the mountain for herding. You must wear cotton-padded trousers or down jacket long trousers to resist the severe cold in the mountains. When the sun rises and the temperature rises, the whole person is sweating profusely. , Need to take off the cotton coat to cool down.

It is common sense that the climate in the Northwest Mountains is fickle. Maybe the sky was clear just now, but in an instant it was covered with clouds, and sometimes there were strange scenes of rain, snow and hail. Our local shepherds have enough experience to cope with the bad weather in the mountains. No matter how hot the summer is, they always remember to put on a thick coat when going out to herding sheep to prevent the sudden weather and frostbite themselves.

Seeing that June is about to come, Lixia has been for a while, which also means that the hottest time of the year is about to come. But this year is really weird: at this time in the past, young men and women wearing short sleeves and skirts abound on the street. This year, when I went out and strolled on the street, most people still wore jackets.

This summer is much "colder" than in previous years. This is the personal feeling of the rural people in the Hexi Corridor of the Great Northwest. Do you have the same feeling?


There is also a peculiar weather phenomenon. I don’t know if it’s just my personal feeling or it’s only on our side. I also wrote it down by the way: There are very few mosquitoes this year, and there are a lot fewer flies than in previous years. Mosquitoes are still there today. There is no "outcrops" yet.

I clearly remember that at this time in the last few years, my hometown in the countryside was full of mosquitoes and flies, and the kitchen at home was patronized by many flies. Although various protective measures were taken, there was still no way to ban it. Use mosquito coils at night to sleep, otherwise the next day you will leave traces of "intimate contact" with mosquitoes on your arms and face.

This year’s kitchen is less disturbed by too many flies, and obviously it is much cleaner, which is good for our body. When I went to bed at night, there were no mosquitoes flying around my ears, and finally I could sleep peacefully. I have roughly analyzed the reasons for the decrease of mosquitoes this year, and a large part of it comes from the "cold" climate.

Concluding remarks

"There has been a strong sandstorm, the climate is much colder than in previous years, and the number of mosquitoes has decreased." This is the "three strangers" that have appeared in the rural areas of the Hexi Corridor in our Northwest China this year, which is very different from previous years. I usually pay attention to the weather conditions across the country. I personally feel that it is a "common problem" that the summer weather in most northern regions this year is a "common problem". I don't know whether this phenomenon is good or bad?

The weather this year does feel a little strange, so I agree with the subject's point of view. Now, in combination with the local situation, I will talk about three aspects:

One is that this year's spring is particularly long. I am from Jinan, Shandong. In many people's impressions, Jinan seems to have no spring, or the time of spring is very short. In many years, the winter clothes were just taken off, and the summer clothes were put on after a few days. But this year is different. In the first month, the temperature reached more than 20 degrees. Later, it was high and sometimes low, but the temperature was still relatively mild. Now it’s the end of May. According to the weather in Jinan, it should have been more than a month since Jinan, but now many people still wear T-shirts and coats.

The second is that this year’s spring thunder was extremely early and the rain was particularly heavy. In the past, Jinan was definitely a city where spring rain was expensive. Snow in winter was rare, and rain in spring was even rarer. After three or four months of the new year, it was very difficult to get caught in the rain. But this spring is almost a dozen days, sometimes the spring rain is particularly heavy, which is by no means the drizzle in previous years. Moreover, Chunlei usually only occurs after the startling sting, but this year it seems that there was a very loud thunder before the fifteenth of the first lunar month, and then there have been several times, which was not common before.

Third, there are more extreme weather this year. This is something else. There are some areas in this province, but the situation in other provinces is more serious, that is, typhoons, hail, late snow, sudden rises in temperature and so on. We often see reports about what planes have circled and pedestrians have gone into the sky. , Cars stuck in the ground, athletes mass casualties, etc. occurred before and after. Fortunately, Jinan Wuhua Tianbao has not experienced particularly bad weather.

The above is my analysis. If you have different opinions or supplements, please leave a message. thank you all!

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