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Brush your teeth with water before brushing? Teach you how to brush your teeth correctly

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How to brush your teeth correctly?

It is not suitable to wet the toothbrush before brushing, because it may lead to unclean brushing.

When most people brush their teeth, they habitually dip the toothbrush in wet before squeezing the toothpaste. But in fact, brushing your teeth can't be like this.


If the toothbrush is wet, it will easily frother when squeezing toothpaste. There is too much foam in the mouth. People will feel that they have been brushing for a long time and think it can be over. At this time, the teeth are not really cleaned.

Toothpaste is not used to clean the teeth with foam, but depends on the cleaning elements inside and the friction between the toothbrush and the teeth. The finer the friction, the longer the time, the cleaner the brush.

The correct way is to brush the toothbrush without dipping water, squeeze toothpaste slowly, and gradually produce some subtle bubbles. The cleaning ingredients of toothpaste can be brought to the maximum.

Correct brushing method is recommended

Principle of brushing teeth

First, divide the whole teeth into several small areas (each area includes 2-3 teeth); Brush in order, in a certain order, such as first up and then down, first left and then right, first outside and then inside, so as to avoid omission; Brush on three sides, including buccal, palatal and occlusal surfaces (the side where the teeth chew food); Repeated scrubbing is required in each community for 3-4 times.

Brush your teeth with water before brushing? Teach you how to brush your teeth correctly

Brushing method

The brush method of the cheek face and the back tooth palate side is first placed on the lip and palate side of the teeth to be washed. The brush hair is parallel to the long axis of the teeth, the tip of the brush hair is facing the gum, close to the gum and tooth surface, then twist the toothbrush about 45 degrees, and follow the teeth seam to the occlusal surface (the upper teeth are from the top to the bottom, and the lower teeth are from the bottom up), and then brush the dirt with the brush action; If the teeth are square or wide, the above action can be used. When the teeth are pointed or narrow, the tip of the toothbrush is contacted with the surface of the tongue and moves in an arc from the gingival margin to the incisal margin; The toothbrush bristles are pressed tightly on the occlusal surface and pulled forward and backward.

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