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Daily use of orange peel What's the use of orange peel

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Daily use of orange peel


1. Prevention of carsickness

One hour before getting on the bus, fold the fresh orange peel inward into a double layer, aim at the nostrils, squeeze the orange peel with your fingers, and several strands of small orange oil mist will be sprayed out of the skin and inhaled into the nostrils. After getting on the car, continue to squeeze and inhale at any time, which can effectively prevent carsickness.

2. Skillful treatment of chilblain

Scorch the orange peel with fire, grind it into powder, mix it evenly with vegetable oil and apply it on the affected area.

3. Skillful treatment of chronic bronchitis

Orange peel 5 to 15 grams, water when tea, commonly used.

4. Skillful treatment of cough

Use 5g dried orange peel, add 2 cups of water to fry the soup, add a small amount of ginger and brown sugar, and take while it's hot. You can also take an appropriate amount of fresh orange peel, chop it up, brew it with boiling water, and add white sugar instead of tea. It has the effect of resolving phlegm and relieving cough.

5. Clever treatment of constipation

Fresh orange peel 12g or dry orange peel 6G, decoction taking, can treat constipation.

6. Defecate alcohol

With 30 grams of fresh orange peel, add a little salt Decoction drink, sobering effect is quite good.

7. Skillful treatment of sleeping molars

10 minutes before going to bed, with a piece of orange peel in your mouth, and then go to sleep. It's better not to spit out the orange peel. If you feel untimely, spit it out again.

8. Skillful treatment of mastitis

Raw orange peel 30g, licorice 6G, decoction drink, can treat mastitis.

9. How to cure halitosis

A small piece of orange peel in the mouth, or chew a small piece of fresh orange peel, can cure halitosis.

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