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Ways to delay skin aging

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1. Clean skin

Nature is full of dust, pollution and pathogenic microorganisms, and the skin itself will secrete and excrete oil and sweat. These substances adhere to the skin will affect the smooth skin glands and pores. Only by thoroughly cleaning the skin can the normal metabolism of the skin be maintained, the moisturizing and anti-aging can be better carried out, and the cell filling and new ingredients can thoroughly penetrate into the deep layer of the skin, and the skin elasticity can be effectively improved.

Ways to delay skin aging

2. Keep skin moist

With the growth of age and the decline of self-care ability of skin, the basic moisturizing lessons should be paid more attention from the beginning of make-up water. In addition to doing a good job in the second cleaning of the skin, make-up water can adjust the acid-base balance of the skin for the first time, and eliminate the tightness of the skin after cleaning. It can not only replenish moisture for skin, but also promote the penetration of follow-up products, and assist the comprehensive penetration and absorption of high nutrients.

3. Exfoliation

With the increase of age, the cycle of keratin metabolism gradually becomes longer, and the skin becomes more and more "thick", which not only causes poor absorption of maintenance ingredients, but also greatly reduces the effect of beautifying muscles. Only by reshaping the healthy cuticle can we restore the youthful skin. Because at this time, the metabolism of the skin is exuberant, and too much waste cutin accumulates on the skin surface, which makes the skin lack of softness and tension, resulting in small fine lines.

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