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The harm of coffee to the heart

DailyBird Diet 2020-12-07 168 0 coffee

Drinking coffee is harmful to the heart, especially for the elderly, your own heart capacity is not very good, if you drink too much coffee, it may cause you to develop heart disease or high blood pressure and other diseases, so we recommend Elderly people do not drink coffee. Patients with a poor heart cannot drink coffee in life, because coffee will increase the burden on the heart and affect the normal cardiovascular system.


People with a poor heart are not recommended to drink coffee, because coffee contains caffeine, which can excite the nerves of the heart and make the heart beat fast. This will cause excessive oxygen consumption of the myocardium and cause insufficient blood supply to the myocardium. Therefore, patients with heart disease should adopt a low-salt, low-fat, and low-cholesterol diet, and avoid irritating foods, such as coffee, alcohol, etc., in order to protect the heart.

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