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What can't we eat to fight aging

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Barbecue. Barbecues are appetizing, but they contain pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons that can damage skin collagen.


Salty food. Heavy taste, excessive sodium intake, easy to cause hypertension, edema and other problems. In addition to less salt when cooking, but also pay attention to some processed food sodium exceeding the standard, such as canned goods. Canned food and other processed food will add a lot of sodium in order to keep fresh and antiseptic and extend the shelf life.

Cooked Food. Sausages, bacon and other cooked meats contain preservatives such as nitrite, which can cause inflammation and accelerate skin aging. Eat cooked food with plenty of vegetables.

Spicy food. Spicy food can damage the skin of menopausal women, and Dr. OSTA suggests eating spicy food occasionally is OK, but don't indulge in it.

Trans fatty acids. Trans fatty acids promote inflammation in the body and destroy collagen synthesis. Experts advise that do not believe the "0 g trans fatty acid" statement on the food package, which may mean that the food still contains less than 0.5 g of trans fatty acid, and should try to avoid food with hydrogenated vegetable oil on the ingredient list.

tea with milk. Many people like to drink black tea when adding milk, taste more mellow and smooth, reduce astringency. But black tea itself is a healthy drink, rich in tannins and antioxidant. The casein in milk will reduce the tannin effect, which is not conducive to anti-aging.

Red meat. Red meat, such as beef and mutton, contains a certain amount of saturated fatty acids, which can produce free radicals in the body, destroy skin cells, and finally accelerate aging.

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