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Don't take diarrhea seriously! These diarrhea may be warning signs of cancer

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Speaking of diarrhea, I believe that many people don’t take it seriously. Isn’t it just a bad stomach or cold? You can recover in one or two days at most. But is this really the case? Diarrhea is not necessarily the patent of people who have a bad gastrointestinal tract. For fat people, it is also particularly preferred.

Don't take diarrhea seriously!  These diarrhea may be warning signs of cancer

The fatter the person, the easier it is to have diarrhea

Previously, a study in the United States found that obese and severely obese people are 60% more likely to suffer from chronic diarrhea than people with normal weight. And these have nothing to do with the eating habits we usually talk about, and it won't take a day or two to get better.

Obese people are more prone to a series of chronic inflammations in the body, these inflammations will also affect the normal intestinal activities, resulting in chronic diarrhea.

Common misunderstandings in treating diarrhea

For diarrhea, many people are not only cognitively contemptuous, some people are used to the treatment of diarrhea, and they are also making their diarrhea more and more serious.

Don't take diarrhea seriously!  These diarrhea may be warning signs of cancer

Whenever diarrhea occurs, just hang water for injection

If it is acute diarrhea for which a clear cause is known, antibiotics can be used appropriately in a short time under the guidance of a doctor, but if it is diarrhea such as chronic colitis, antibiotics are not used at all. Not only can it not stop diarrhea, but it may also aggravate diarrhea.

I dare not eat anything when I have a diarrhea

Many people think that their diarrhea is caused by eating bad stomachs, so they simply stop eating when they have diarrhea. It is called cleansing the intestines. In fact, diarrhea should be eaten less raw and spicy foods. You can eat some light ones appropriately. Food supplements enough nutrients for the body.

Drinking alcohol to sterilize and cure diarrhea

Among various methods of treating diarrhea, there is a theory that high concentration of alcohol can kill bacteria in the intestines, thereby achieving the effect of antidiarrhea, so some people drink a few mouthfuls as soon as they have diarrhea. For a while, you won't be able to tell whether he really cures diarrhea or satisfies his alcohol addiction.

In fact, drinking alcohol really doesn't help diarrhea. At the same time, drinking alcohol can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and make the gastrointestinal tract congestion, thereby increasing intestinal inflammation.

Don't take diarrhea seriously!  These diarrhea may be warning signs of cancer

Diarrhea may also be related to these diseases

And diarrhea is not just a patent for some people, some diarrhea may also be related to the following diseases.

1. Early gastric cancer

If you eat well but you have unexplained diarrhea, and your stools are black, you still have no appetite, heartburn and acid reflux in your stomach, and pain, etc., you must be more careful. It is likely to be a symptom of early gastric cancer. .

2. Liver cancer

More than 50% of primary liver cancer can cause disorders of digestion, absorption and secretion of the human body and cause diarrhea. If there is persistent diarrhea and the upper right side of the abdomen is obviously uncomfortable and something like a lump can be felt, and there is a rapid weight loss in a short period of time, you must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to rule out the possibility of liver cancer.

3. Early colorectal cancer

For people with regular bowel movements, if the frequency of bowel movements suddenly becomes frequent, or even diarrhea after getting up early in the morning, bloody stools and mucus stools appear, reddish, and people feel weak and anemia, they must see a doctor as soon as possible to determine whether It is early colorectal cancer.

4. Pancreatic cancer

If you have prolonged diarrhea, abdominal pain, and weight loss, and the excretion always feels like a layer of fat, it is best to check whether it is chronic pancreatitis or early pancreatic cancer.

Therefore, you must not underestimate diarrhea. If it is a sudden acute diarrhea, you must drink plenty of water and a light diet every day. Remember not to eat antidiarrheal drugs randomly at the beginning to give the body a certain buffer and recovery time. If the symptoms have not been relieved for more than 3 days, you must seek medical attention in time.

If there is prolonged and persistent diarrhea accompanied by other physical symptoms, you must not take it lightly and seek medical attention as soon as possible to rule out the possibility of other diseases.

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