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Going to escape the summer heat caused a recurrence of frozen shoulder! This method is more effectiv

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During the hottest last month, I went to the mountains to escape the heat with my friends. The whole playing process was very happy. We fished by the stream, picnic in the forest, and embraced nature to our heart's content. The circle of friends gave us countless likes. It’s just that I didn’t expect the scenery at that time, but after that, I was hit by illness.

Going to escape the summer heat caused a recurrence of frozen shoulder!  This method is more effective than plastering and cupping

In fact, I have the old problem of frozen shoulder. A few years ago, through taking medicine and rehabilitation training, I got almost better. I usually always pay attention to not letting the shoulders get wind. But this time I may have too much fun, so I completely give care to the shoulders. forget. After coming back from the mountain, my shoulder was aching faintly. I thought I was tired from going out to play, so I didn't care too much, I thought it would be better in a few days.

Unexpectedly, the neck and arms would also hurt later. When I turned my head a little bit, it was like being stabbed by a needle, and my arms became more and more inconvenient. I felt that the situation was a bit bad, so I put some plasters on and pulled out the cans several times, praying in my heart that I would get better soon.

But things backfired, and I once again experienced what it was like to be sick. Within a few days, my arm could not be lifted up. My family members helped me to raise my arm. I felt painful after a little effort. Not to mention the shoulders and neck, it was so painful that I couldn't move. In those few days, I could only open my mouth with food. As for clothes to reach out, I couldn't even reach out! Alas, it’s refreshing to escape the summer heat in the mountains, and the recurrence of frozen shoulder really hurts all the time.

Going to escape the summer heat caused a recurrence of frozen shoulder!  This method is more effective than plastering and cupping

At this time, I suddenly remembered that Xiuyu, who was near my home, saw a frozen shoulder treatment course, so I hurried over to consult. At first, I didn't have much hope, I just wanted to know about it, but after the health consultant showed many cases very similar to me, I felt a little moved and decided to give it a try. I experienced the dot wave first, and after finishing it, I felt that the entire back connecting the shoulders and neck was much smoother. Later, I tried the Super V thermodynamic robot, and it was obvious that I felt warm, my shoulders suddenly relaxed a lot, and the pain was relieved.

The obvious effect surprised me very much, and also let me put down the last point of worry. Later, I did five sessions in Xiuyu. Every time, my shoulders seemed to be relieved of some heavy load. I could slowly raise my arms and then raise them again. Finally, I no longer moved like the shoulders were sealed in plaster. Can't move. I often go to Xiuyu for maintenance and recommend it to friends around me. They all praised that I found the "treasure"!

Now my frozen shoulder is more than half healed, and my body can move freely. Recently, my friend went camping in the mountains on the National Day appointment. I thought about it and declined it. After all, the weather turns cold, the neck and shoulders are more likely to catch cold and wind. I also advise everyone who likes to go out to play like me, you must pay attention to keeping warm when you go out, especially the joints, shoulders and necks. After all, a good body can play longer and more comfortable.

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