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Sweat, tears, and urine can be fatal! People with this allergy are too painful

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Urticaria is a very common allergic disease, but if the modifier "water-borne" is added to the disease name, it becomes a rare disease with fewer than 100 patients worldwide.

Water-borne urticaria, as the name implies, is urticaria caused by water allergy. It usually occurs during adolescence, and the number of female patients is higher than that of males.

"Water" covers all aspects of human life. In addition to drinking water, tap water, rain and other allergic objects at a glance, sweat, tears, and urine are also included.

Sweat, tears, and urine can be fatal!  People with this allergy are too painful

Once it touches the skin, the itchiness rises first, followed by unbearable swelling and pain, giving people a burning sensation.

If it is not controlled in time, the patient may even go into shock and coma, which is life-threatening.

Today's medicine does not have any specific desensitization treatment for water allergy, which means that patients must spend their lives carefully.

"My whole body is burning"

Sweat, tears, and urine can be fatal!  People with this allergy are too painful

The 23-year-old British girl Nia, in order to let more people know about water allergies, took pictures of her daily illness.

You need to add water, you can only drink milk; in order to reduce sweating, you need to say goodbye to all kinds of exercise; if you want to reduce the frequency of washing, you must also control your diet to prevent excessive secretion of oil...

If it is not uncomfortable to do this, the pain caused by the bath is no less than a torture.

In order to relieve pain and take a bath efficiently and safely, she needs to do a lot of things:

First of all, make sure that blood pressure and body temperature are normal, and make sure that you will not be shocked by taking a bath;

Then use a bath brush to dry and brush the skin, and rub the dirt out of the skin in advance for easy washing;

Enter the bathroom, light up the aromatherapy, play music, and make some psychological preparations before the "execution";

Then pour the soothing agent prescribed by the doctor into the bathtub to delay the allergic reaction on the skin;

Carefully enter the bathtub and soak your body in the water for a few minutes, one is to adjust to the temperature, and the other is to ensure that the soothing agent has sufficient time;

Adapted to the water temperature, immediately rinse the body, and then leave the bathroom quickly;

Turn on the fan to cool the skin while quickly wiping off the moisture on the body;

After rubbing the body milk, immediately get dressed, lie on the bed, and wait for the pain to come.

Nia described her situation as: "The whole body seems to be burning, like lying on a bed of thorns."

Sweat, tears, and urine can be fatal!  People with this allergy are too painful

A strong allergic reaction is happening everywhere in the body, with redness, swelling, irritation, and itching, and the body temperature rises sharply, even exceeding 40 degrees.

She had no way to relieve her pain except to carry it abruptly. Even if she took painkillers, the effect was minimal.

Sweat, tears, and urine can be fatal!  People with this allergy are too painful

The founder of the Allergy Research Foundation believes: "Water-borne urticaria is a devastating disease that can rewrite a patient's life."

In addition to water, what other strange allergens are there?

Allergies are a "wrong" war waged by the immune system in the human body. Some originally "harmless" substances are treated as enemies. As a result, they are overprotected and cause various harms to the human body.

To prevent allergies, the most important thing is to "hide". In addition to common allergens such as dust and seafood, understanding some rare allergens like water allergies is also very helpful in preventing allergies.

Sweat, tears, and urine can be fatal!  People with this allergy are too painful

1. Semen allergy

There are fewer men with semen allergies than women.

Male semen allergy is a kind of autoimmune disease, and the allergen is your own semen. Desensitization is manifested as fatigue, fever, cold and other symptoms after the couple’s life, accompanied by severe muscle soreness, which can last for 4 to 7 days.

The probability of women being allergic to semen is 8%, much higher than that of men, but semen allergies can be treated for desensitization. The most serious impact on female patients is the most severe allergy to semen in general, which is the first. After that, after proper treatment, you can restore a healthy life.

2. Light allergy

Photosensitivity usually occurs on the skin parts that are exposed to the sun daily. Generally speaking, a red rash will appear soon after the sun has been exposed. Some people may confuse it with sunburn, but it may also Appears within 1 to 2 days after sun exposure.

To prevent photosensitivity, pay attention to avoiding the time when the sun is strong; wear sunglasses and sunscreen clothes, and use sunscreen.

Sweat, tears, and urine can be fatal!  People with this allergy are too painful

3. Saliva allergy

There has been news on the Internet that a woman chose to break up because she was allergic to her boyfriend's saliva. This is because saliva contains protein and other sensitizing factors, as long as you are allergic to one of these components, it will cause redness and swelling.

Saliva allergy can be desensitized by a bioresonance instrument, which generally does not affect normal life too much.

When you have an allergic reaction, these weird allergens can also be included in the "culprit" reference range, allowing the doctor to help you find the allergen faster and more accurately.

Sweat, tears, and urine can be fatal!  People with this allergy are too painful

From the above small summary, we can see that even for these rare allergens, most of them have prevention and treatment methods.

However, water allergy sufferers cannot avoid allergens without water on the one hand, and lack effective means to relieve symptoms. What is normal for ordinary people has become a "purgatory" for them physically and mentally.

I hope that there will be special treatments for water allergies in the future, so that their lives will be less tortured.

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