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Why eat less salt during weight loss

DailyBird Slimming 2020-12-02 185 0 salt

Weight loss needs to reduce salt intake mainly due to the following points: 

  1.  salt is the main component of sodium chloride, it is recommended that salt intake for less than 6G per day, too much salt is easy to cause sodium retention, edema, and easy to form hypertension, edema can lead to overstaffing.

  2. Excessive intake of sodium, the body in the discharge of sodium at the same time part of calcium, easy to affect the absorption of calcium.

  3. To lose weight, it is necessary to limit the intake of total calories in a day, increase the consumption of total calories in a day, so that the intake of calories is lower than the total calories consumed, and then the weight will be gradually reduced. Eat less salt during weight loss, but only eating less salt will not lead to significant weight loss. Not only patients who lose weight, but also healthy adults need to reduce salt intake to ensure good health. "

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