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The manifestations of calcium deficiency in pregnant women

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The manifestations of calcium deficiency in pregnant women
1. Night calf cramps: pregnant to about 5 months, pregnant women prone to calf lottery at night. This is one of the symptoms of calcium deficiency. However, it should be noted that although some pregnant women lack calcium, but did not show leg cramps, easy to ignore calcium.

2. Teeth are easy to loose: calcium deficiency can easily lead to abnormal enamel and loose hard tissue structure. If the mother feels a bit loose teeth, it may be calcium deficiency.

3. Hypertension syndrome: there is a certain relationship between hypertension and calcium deficiency during pregnancy. If pregnant women have pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, they need to be aware of calcium deficiency.

4. Joint pain: insufficient calcium intake, calcium in the bone will be released to maintain the concentration of calcium in the blood. Although the release of calcium is within the normal range, it still causes joint pain in pregnant women.

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