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How is unexplained irritability to return a responsibility

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What's wrong with the body always getting cold

1. Lack of sleep

How is unexplained irritability to return a responsibility

If the body does not get a good sleep for a long time, then it is easy to increase the level of hormones in the body, and the blood will be concentrated in the most needed parts of the body, that is, the main organs, so that the skin temperature of your body is There will be a drop, and you will feel cold.

2. High blood sugar levels

If you feel cold in your hands and feet, or are accompanied by tingling or numbness, you need to be alert to whether you are suffering from diabetes, because high blood sugar in the body will cause damage to the capillaries that supply the nerves of your hands and feet. When the blood supply is insufficient, people will feel very cold and numb.

What's wrong with the body always getting cold

3. Infection in the body

If you have a fever, the fever will increase your body temperature and make you chill. In general, our normal body temperature is around 37 degrees, but when the body fights the flu, the body temperature rises relative to the ambient temperature, and we will feel cold.

4. Iron deficiency anemia

The whole body chills may be caused by iron deficiency anemia. Red blood cells transmit oxygen to every part of the body. When anemia occurs, the blood will give priority to oxygen to the heart and brain, and the blood vessels on the body surface are closed. In this case, You will feel chilly.

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