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Should I buy shoes that look good or durable?

DailyBird Common sense 2021-09-28 33 0

If you really want to choose one of the two, let's divide the situation:

1. Some specific situations, such as sports,

Then you must buy durable ones. It’s useless to look good. Mainly

Otherwise, if you run and run and the soles of your shoes come off, you will die on the spot~


2. If you match some clothes occasionally

It’s better to look good, but not to wear well.

But it must be comfortable~ otherwise it will be uncomfortable~


3. Compare all-match styles, you can wear N many clothes, usually with a high rate of actual wear

It must be durable~

4. If you are attending important occasions, you should be able to match dresses and the like

Although you don't wear it often, you must buy good-looking, good-quality and durable ones! !


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