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How to whiten the whole body? Is there a good way?

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The tanned sisters come here quickly this summer

Although I don't want to admit it

But summer’s torture to me still can’t be completely resisted

I always thought it was white

Recently I was stimulated by the cold white skin sisters

so! Not the whitest, only whiter

Whitening is our lifelong struggle

Zizai never stops on this road!

Share some body whitening methods to sisters

Post-sun repair must be done

Every time we come back after being exposed to the sun outside, we remove the makeup as soon as possible, and then clean the skin with a facial cleanser. After cleaning, use whitening skin care products to nourish the skin. If you find that your skin is red, you can use a calming and repairing mask to repair the skin, or apply aloe vera gel to the sunburned area to repair it. After that, you can apply some moisturizing lotion to sleep before going to bed to better moisturize and repair the skin after sunburn.

Aloe Whitening

Aloe vera is a skin care ingredient that often appears in many whitening skin care products, which shows the importance of aloe vera to nourish the skin. First clean up the aloe vera and put it into a juicer to smash it into a puree, then add an egg white, an appropriate amount of pearl powder and flour to mix it into a paste, apply it directly on the face, wait for 15 minutes and then wash the face clean. In this way, a good skin whitening and moisturizing effect can be achieved.

Fat oxidation and dullness

The sebaceous glands secrete too much oil, the face is oily, and it looks unclean. In addition, if exposed to the air for a long time, it will oxidize and become dull and yellow. Have you found that oily skin tends to look darker and yellower than normal skin?

For oily skin, focus on oil control. It is not only necessary to clean the excess oil on the surface of the skin, but also to adjust the secretion speed of the sebaceous glands inside the body. Facial cleansers, oil-control toners, and cleansing masks can clean the surface oil; staying up late, eating less high-sugar and high-fat foods, regulating stress, and exercising more can slow down the secretion of sebaceous glands. For other skins, it is based on antioxidants. Use the essence containing tea polyphenols, vitamin E and other antioxidant ingredients, of course, you must also pay attention to your daily routine.

Anything else you don’t understand, skin problems, leave the questions to discuss together


Sunscreen should be done, otherwise no matter how whitening you are, as long as you return to the pre-liberation after the sun, your previous efforts will be discarded.

Then clean

It is recommended to use cleansing products such as shower gel with whitening effect when taking a bath

Clean in place to start whitening

The most important thing is whitening body lotion

Only body milk with whitening ingredients that can really whiten can be whitened after being absorbed by the skin~

In terms of diet, you can also eat some vc at night, don't eat it during the day! !

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