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Women must have 7 high-power sunscreen to whiten you all summer

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      Introduction: Although the weather is cloudy and sunny, the ultraviolet light is still strong. Therefore, if you need to engage in some outdoor activities during the day, you must prepare a high multiple sunscreen to ensure that your skin is still white and healthy in the sun.

1. OUHUI vitality light sunscreen SPF30 + PA + + + ¥ 280 / 60ml

  OUHUI vitality and lightness sunscreen has isolation effect, improves skin color, and can keep sunscreen in work or daily life for a long time. It is gentle and delicate, does not stimulate the skin, and can resist UVA and UVB in ultraviolet rays for a long time. There is no erythema or blackening on the skin after exposure to the sun. It has waterproof function and is suitable for sensitive skin and the whole family.

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