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9 minute fast whitening method

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       It's too easy to tan in summer. When we try our best to apply sunscreen, don't forget to whiten frequently. We can work together to make you have enviable white and clean skin in hot summer.

1, VC whitening super simple and practical mask


raw materials: compressed mask, mineral water, a small bowl, vitamin C appropriate. I use the most common white particles, 100mg. Niuer said in the program that if you are young, only 500mg is enough.

practice: as long as the vitamin C is mashed, poured into mineral water dissolved, and then prepared the compressed mask bubble in the water can be issued.

modified version: I use lemonade soaked by my mother in the refrigerator! Lemon also has a lot of vitamin C, which is also very white. Then it should be better to use it instead of mineral water. Then only two 100mg pills were added.

of course, if you JM don't have lemonade, it doesn't matter at all. Just put two more VC in an appropriate amount.


effects: when I looked in the mirror, I was shocked. My skin was white and tender, and my skin became watery. And when exposing the mask, I do not know if it is psychological. I feel that the eyes that are not applied are much darker than the next ones.


indicate that this mask is ready to be washed, because vitamin C may not be completely melted. If it is left on the face, it will become yellow if it is not good for the skin. It's counterproductive, so don't forget to wash it off.

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