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How to prolong the fresh-keeping period of fresh flowers

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How to prolong the fresh-keeping period of fresh flowers

How to prolong the fresh-keeping period of fresh flowers

Method 1: Beer

You can add a little beer to the vase with flowers. Because beer contains ethanol, it can disinfect and antiseptic the cut of flower branches. It also contains sugar and other nutrients, which can provide nutrients for branches and leaves.

Method 2: carbonated water and water

Take sprite as an example, mix sprite and water in a ratio of 1:4, pour them into a vase, and finally put in beautiful flowers! Generally speaking, the flowers raised with clear water will wither gradually within a week, and the water will become turbid, but with the method of Sprite and clear water, the flowers will still be beautiful after a week!

Sprite bubble principle: Sprite contains carbonic acid can kill bacteria, high syrup can be used as nutrients.

Method 3: fresh flower preservative

The fresh-keeping time of fresh flowers can be prolonged by adding proper amount of chemicals to the solution of flower arrangement and using chemicals to inhibit flower branches.

PS: a method of self-made fresh flower preservative

Take a little detergent, dissolve it in warm water, mix it into 2% - 4% concentration solution, and immerse the slant cut flower branch into a water depth of about 5cm, which can prolong the life of flowers by more than 2-3 times.

Method 4: salt water + sugar

Adding a small amount of sugar in water can promote the bud opening and prolong the fresh-keeping period of fresh flowers.

The main function of adding salt in clear water: to prevent the growth of bacteria in water, to a certain extent, through the different concentrations of salt water and flower cell liquid, to maintain the water absorption capacity of flowers, so as to maintain the freshness of flowers. But the concentration of saline should not be too high, generally not more than 5%, otherwise it will cause cell dehydration, remember.

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