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What Sagittarius hates most

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What Sagittarius hates most

What Sagittarius hates most: being cheated and betrayed

Sagittarius is sometimes described as selfish by others, but they don't care, because the devil takes the hindmost for himself. However, they just like to pursue personal freedom. In this way, there is nothing wrong. However, the most difficult thing for them to accept is being cheated and betrayed. They will never forgive you for the feeling of being used when they pay with all their heart.

What Sagittarius hates most: haggling

Sagittarius is a fire sign. Its character is as hot as the wind. Its temper comes quickly and goes faster. Never deliberately hate someone or something. He is careless and straightforward. As long as a friend is in trouble, he can help him if he wants. He will not haggle with his friend for trivial matters. If someone and he argue about where they are because of some trivial matters, they will stay away from those people only once. Because he is the kind of person who doesn't like to argue with others.

What Sagittarius hates most: pestering and fighting

Sagittarius also hates those who they don't like. They are still clinging to each other after they refuse. They feel that they are not free and easy at all. After all, love can't be forced. It needs to be conscious. So don't think Sagittarius is very kind. When you keep pestering, it will only make him at the edge of explosion every minute. Moreover, Sagittarius people can't stand the shackles of others. They have been pursuing freedom all their life. They prefer to break up without freedom. So what Sagittarius hates most is that they are bound without freedom.

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