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What is the bottom line of Gemini

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What is the bottom line of Gemini

The bottom line of Gemini: derailment

Although a small number of Gemini are flirtatious, most Gemini are very single-minded. Gemini also has serious feelings of cleanliness, extreme personality, and clear love and hate. So they are very strict about the selection of the other half. Once they fall in love, they are very single-minded, and also require the other party to remain loyal. Once they find out that the other party is cheating, the relationship will end, and they will never forgive the other party, Old and dead do not communicate with each other.

The bottom line of Gemini: too pretentious

Gemini is straightforward and doesn't like people who are too flirtatious and fussy, because they are afraid of trouble. If they are choosy and childish, Gemini will not waste a second of such zero tolerance. After all, their time is precious. So don't be too hard to get along with Gemini and don't have too much to do. Don't divide the things that can be said in one sentence into two sentences, and don't bother him with the things that can be solved by themselves.

The bottom line of Gemini: too negative

Gemini is optimistic and cheerful on the surface, lonely and lonely in the heart, so they are eager to live a positive and positive life. If you live a negative life every day and complain every day, Gemini is very difficult to endure, or even to escape directly. Only by maintaining a relaxed and happy atmosphere can they be willing to stay with you all the time, so if you want to keep Gemini, you must not step in this minefield.

The bottom line of Gemini: break up casually

For Gemini, they are serious about love, so they have serious feelings of cleanliness, so they are also very cautious about their feelings, and will not open their hearts to a person easily. They are very careful because they are afraid of being hurt. They cherish it very much because it is not easy to come. Therefore, don't joke about breaking up with Gemini in love, and the consequences are very serious.

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